A new Brand for home design, art  fornitures and accessories.

Alirosa is the new brand created by Anna Laura Millacci,  located in Abu Dhabi at World Trade Centre Mall of Abu Dhabi, in partnership with the ART HUB Group. The new Brand is dedicate to provide its clients customized home design fornitures and accessories. Giving them the choice of creating their own combinations in terms of numbers, size, shape of items and of course individualized prints, patterns, color combination and original painting of choice to the  nest detail realized exclusive high-class by famous or emerging artists and designer. Alirosa goal is giving to the people a real  living experience of italian exclusive art and design.
Mytos -  a  group of exclusive furnishing objects - is the first collection of Alirosa Brand. All the collection is showcased in Alirosa Store (located at shop n.7 in World Trade Centre of Abu Dhabi) and is ideated and handmade by A.L. Millacci with ceramic, gold, mud and wood.
Mytos is a  group of exclusive furnishing objects to decorate yours exclusive homes. Functional as habits of everyday and precious as jewels.
They are inspired by the splendor of antique mythologies’s treasures, readapt in a modern key.  The collection is handmade with the skills of Italian manufacturing and the Italian design. Mytos offers items from the Italian taste, thought to be in tune with the spirit and integrity of the magnificent arabic homes. 

The presentations of the first collection of Alirosa helded at Art Hub Shop 7, first floor of WTC Mall on 11 March, Under the Patronage and ribbon cut of His Higness Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

So Alirosa, a design firm of Italy, set up a shop in partnership with Art Hub - Wall Trade Centre of Abu Dhabi  -  and for the launch, the artist-designer Anna Laura Millacci  - manager of the shop and brand - released itself the first collection of the Alirosa brand: around 28 unique pieces including 3 tables designed by the young product designer Alice Pescatori.